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Rosneft Brings its Highest Quality Standards to the Belgorod Region’s District Centers

28 January 2013

Rosneft has launched two service stations in the Belgorod region. The opening ceremonies were held at service stations in the village of Ivnya and in the city of Stary Oskol.

The conversion of a gas station into a service station in the village of Ivnya is one of the examples of how Rosneft implements its retail network expansion program, which reaches the remotest areas of the country. This represents a significant contribution to the social development, as those living in the remote areas of the country will be able to enjoy the same level of quality service as the inhabitants of Moscow and other major residential centers. The 24/7 convenience store of the Ivnya station has already been given its dues by the villagers, who have never before had such a high quality shop.

The Belgorod regional authorities stressed the value of the new stations, saying that these were bound to improve the social and economic potential of their respective regions, create new jobs, bring in more taxes and give the people access to an entirely new level of quality service.

The new service stations will provide car owners a wide range of services: an extensive choice of goods in the store, an ATM and an automatic tire pump. The Stary Oskol station will be the first in the region to boast a real cafeteria with hot food on offer.

Both the Ivnya and Stary Oskol stations will bear the mark of the highest Rosneft quality in the area of industrial and environmental safety. They will be outfitted to the highest modern standards with such facilities as fuel vapor recovery systems to prevent air pollution, double-wall tanks with a leak control system that completely precludes any possible soil contamination, as well as rainwater drains with pressurized filtration. Fire safety was given paramount importance with the entire personnel having undergone necessary training.

In 2013 ОАО Belgorodnefteprodukt plans to continue developing the Rosneft retail network in the region, further improving the quality of services it provides and expanding the customer loyalty programs.

Rosneft Information Division
January 28, 2013

Keywords: Belgorod Region s, Belgorodnefteprodukt, Rosneft headquarters